Premium publishers are struggling to monetize their online content, while advertisers are striving to make meaningful connections between brand and consumer, and consumers are enthusiastically protesting the paywalls popping up on premium publishing sites. In short? We’ve got a problem.



ContentUnlock by Genesis Media is that solution. It’s a new way for publishers to monetize, advertisers to engage, and readers to read what they want, when they want, no credit card required.





ContentUnlock treats each user differently. Why? Because each user is different. ContentUnlock evaluates every user, establishing a "value score" and providing a fair value exchange between publisher and user, sponsored by a relevant brand. Value scores help ContentUnlock determine when content should be locked, and which brands are best matched to users, all in real time.

ContentUnlock's value score is determined by evaluating a few things:
1. Where did the user come from?
2. What are their interests?
3. How frequently do they visit the site?
4. How much time do they spend on the site?
5. How many pages do they consume per visit?

In addition, a unique combination of first-party and third-party data sources also help ContentUnlock build user profiles that guide the decision.

Meet Dave. Using first party data, ContentUnlock can see that Dave regularly visits automotive websites, and when he's not browsing cars online, he's visiting parenting websites, and premium news websites.

Because ContentUnlock knows that Dave likes to keep up to date with the latest in automotive, parenting, and all of the latest headlines, we can deduce that he is most likely an employed family man. And he might be looking to purchase a car.

So, Dave is shown a video ad for a family-friendly automobile, and he must watch it in order to continue reading the article on his favorite news site.

Because of what we know about Dave, he is served an ad that is relevant to him exclusively, creating a fair value exchange. He’s granted access to more of the content he wants to see, and is likely to engage with the sponsor's ad to find out more about the product.

After the advertisement has completed, Dave is given access to the site's content for 72 hours, or a predetermined amount of time decided upon by the publisher. Just like that, ContentUnlock is creating a fair value exchange that is both relevant and rewarding for all parties; publisher, advertiser, and consumer.


"Many [advertisers] are beginning to leverage the interactivity and customization that digital video makes possible…"