Genesis Media Unveils Adaptive Formats for Unparalleled Levels of Viewability

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genesis Media, the industry’s first and only predictive analytics platform creating the most viewable ad experiences in highly engaging content, today announced Adaptive Formats, a new framework for advanced ad deployment and yield optimization driven by real-time data insights.

Genesis Media understands that not all content carries the same attention and not all Web pages should feature the same ad formats. This new framework offers just that – dynamically selected ad formats that are the best fit for the page’s content and reader attention. This allows publishers to create new ad placements with dynamically selected formats for each page that provide superior performance for their brand partners.

Through Adaptive Formats, Genesis Media’s platform processes and forecasts user behavior data to determine which format is most appropriate for each individual page, looking at both user experience and ad results. This optimization occurs in real-time and is automated using artificial intelligence. Genesis Media is the only company in the market offering this level of automation in ad inventory creation. This unique approach to user and page selection yields 85 percent viewability, 36 percent higher than Moat’s benchmark, and delivers superior ad completion and recall.

“Publishers have been looking for ways to increase revenue opportunities with video and viewable ad formats, but the ecosystem has become very complicated for them in terms of managing yield optimization,” said Mark Yackanich, Genesis Media’s Chief Executive Officer. “With Adaptive Formats, we’re aiming to simplify their lives by automating the process of implementing and selecting inventory types. It takes out the heavy lifting and creates more informed ad experiences.”

Each one of Genesis Media’s ads is powered by the company’s Page Attention Rank™ (P·A·R™), a patented analytics solution that scores Web page content quality in real-time based on consumer attention. By pairing quality, engaging editorial content with optimized delivery formats, Genesis Media is able to deliver the industry’s most viewable ads.

With insight into each page across its network of more than 1,000 publishers, Genesis Media has a distinct vantage point into reader engagement on any given page. From this position, Genesis Media helps publishers realize revenue streams that were previously unattainable while maintaining a great experience for readers.

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About Genesis Media

Genesis Media’s predictive analytics platform creates the most viewable ad experiences in engaging content. It is the only company that turns attention into value by dynamically pairing quality editorial with video ads. Leading national advertising agencies and premium publishers rely on Genesis Media’s software to effectively measure digital consumer attention in real-time at the page level, while accurately quantifying the true value of publisher content.

For publishers without video, Genesis Media uses data to dynamically create and insert relevant inventory and open up new streams of revenue. Genesis Media also provides digital advertising agencies in need of inventory with guaranteed viewable, brand-safe videos for their clients. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit.

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