Outstream is Here to Stay

In Digiday’s quarterly publication “Pulse”, Sahil Patel talks about the growth of outstream along with the problems that come along with it, in an article titled “Video Everywhere”.

The article featured results from our case study with Aria resorts & Casino. We tested video placements with standard targeting, and compared the result with Genesis targeting using the same creative. Genesis uses attention data and combines this with adaptive formats to deliver high completion rates while maintaining viewability above 80%.

Here’s the excerpt from the article speaking to our partnership with Aria and the results.

Advertisers are warming up to it

One advertiser that’s bullish on the ad format is Aria Hotels & Casino, which has been shifting some of its TV budget to outstream video, said director of marketing Derek Schoen. “Even with our most efficient cable buys, we’re still looking at a $12,000 to $15,000-CPM,” he said. “On outstream, we can get a $7 CPM, no problem. On social, it’s even cheaper. Outstream campaigns run by Aria between June 2015 and March 2016 saw an overall video completion rate of 46.5 percent. The number jumped to 75 percent for 15 second commercials versus 30 second spots.


See the results of the case study below.

  • 115% lift in completion rate
  • 80-85% viewability
  • 20% bump In AVOC (audible and visible on completion)

Check out our whitepaper for a look into the full study with Aria Resorts & Casino.