Joe Grover

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Grover brings a unique blend of sales/marketing, advertising, private equity and technology startup experience to Genesis Media. Prior to his appointment as the company’s President and Chief Marketing Officer, Grover held the position of CEO at Altitude Digital where he led the strategic vision and planning of the company. He was also the company’s CMO for three years before taking on the role as CEO in the fall of 2016.

Grover formerly worked at Mercato Partners, a top performing private equity firm. Preceding Mercato Partners, he was the founder and CEO of a creative services company where he led marketing and communication campaigns for Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. He was involved in Junto Partners, an entrepreneurship accelerator, where he worked on the launch of several startups. Later, he became the director of Junto Partners program where he recruited, trained and mentored entrepreneurs.

Grover completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah—David Eccles School of Business and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Westminster College.